Thursday, March 22, 2012

Garden Cheer and a bit of fungi thrown in!!

Spring has arrived early and the wild daffodils are out in the lane, I have even seen wild violets and the pussy willow is in full glow, its yellow furry catkins bouncing in the breeze like school girls tossing their curls. Gardeners are making preparation for the new season and everyone is busy out their with secateurs, spades and hoes. Everyone except me. So perhaps now is the time to come clean and admit that my garden is a mess, a true nirvana of neglect.

I would hate you to think that I have been lazy, it is just that I have been otherwise occupied with earth of another kind, the sort you can meld and mold into shapes and kiln fire.

In my studio I have been working towards spring too and I do have flowers in my garden to prove it, here they are then the first of this years spring blooms fresh from the kiln.

Flower markers for the forgetful gardener, a big smiling flower ( shades of Bill and Ben the flower pot men and little weed I think somewhere in my childhood !) with helpful hints as to what is planted where amongst the undergrowth, and they come with three options, seeds, bulbs and of course weeds!!

By way of a special request for Bayou who has a garden which would put mine to shame, I have made some quirky fungi to add a bit of colour and well FUN ( fun.. fungi.. fun gi.. oh forget it!!) . These jolly chaps have un-glazed ceramic stems and bright and spotty caps which balance on them with the option of the words bulbs or seeds glazed on them. Colours and designs vary as each is a whimsical one off, they come complete with their very own chopstick to push up through the hole in the stalk and anchor firmly into the soil so no naughty elf pixie or garden gnome can run off with them when no one is watching.

Flowers are £5 each plus postage and packing and free postage for a set of 3 or more with wording of your choice. Funny Fungi are £6.00 each with free postage and packing if more than 2 are ordered with a reduction for bulk orders. contact me for details.

Please note not guaranteed frost proof but still pretty hardy!

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bayou said...

Oh, they are so nice! I shall send you a combined order so that you have to post them only once. But I hope, others will order then from you as well :-).