Friday, February 8, 2008

What a load of old Cock and Bull!

Vista Print had a stunning offer on postcards and someone said, go on, get some cards done of your tiles and at the time it seemed like a really spiffing idea...of course my tiles tend to be square so despite all my playing with them I just could not get them the right size for the specifications. No trouble at all, I will just whip off a couple of rectangular panels which of course being postcard shape will upload perfectly well , welll perhaps with a trifle adjustment needed.
So there I was yesterday afternoon doing a panel of a splendid Bull we have in the field and knocking off a couple of white suffolk chooks before school pick up. time , glazed, glossed and in the kiln overnight all ready to be photographed before fast approaching deadline and in between the other little things that get in theway and are called family life.

Cold today, run out of gas, waiting for tanker to arrive so can't open kiln until it reaches room temperature what with thermal shock and all on the glazes, delicate sensitive things that they are, but it being colder than cold its takes far longer to cool down and reach current room temperature which must be, by my reckoning, and the fact I can not feel my fingers, about minus3.

Gave up waiiting and took them out regardless, which warmed up my fingers very nicely thank you, photographed then several times, and then several times again. Finally ended up with image that looked passable.

Now for the easy bit, upload..upload? Not on your Nellie, wrong bleed size..wrong trim size, wrong resolution..everytime I correct something then something else has shifted...deadline getting closer and closer, technically minded husband at work, school pick up time fast approaching ..panic setting in!

Never mind..I am sure it will all come out in the wash, meanwhile, here they are, even if they never get to make postcards thanks to my inability to shrink trim and bleed at least you have seen them..
Vista Print simple free upload ? Ha!!!...nothing but a load of cock and bull really..