Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Putting my cards on the Table

Cards are vexing things. They are expensive and have a short shelf life, when you take them down it seems a shame to throw them away but what else can you do with them? Recycle them perhaps? Put them in a shoe box for later as a reminder then forget them never get them out again until you move house and they become just another bit of clutter? They may look jolly on the dresser for a day, a reminder that someone cared enough to send it to you, but after that how long do you have to keep them on display without people asking what the occassion is and you feeling a rather sad and pathetic prat and saying well yes it was for your birthday and no it was 4 months ago ...?

The French are not, on the whole , terribly taken with the idea of sending greeting cards. Supermarkets stock a few bland and dated offerings, the Maison de presse the odd one or two which are slightly more flamboyant but on the whole you would be pushed to find anything original or different amongst them. Nothing to make the recipient feel you had gone out of your way to find something just for them. Sometmes too, you want to send a card that is a little bit more than jsut a card for occassions when a present might be a little over the top but when something more than a card is called for.

So I put my thinking cap on and decided I'd bridge the gap and do a series of cards with ceramic motifs on them, some on ribbon hangers, some with magnets which can be kept as mementoes once the card has out lived the occassion.

And this is what I came up with....

They seem to have taken off quiet well, the baby cards a popular with th eold fashioned prams in pink blue or yellow, and the rather 1930's suburban villa with its red roof is a hit. The teapots and ladies heads are magnets, and of course there is inevitably a dove.

Each is made from good quality card and each is slightly different . The colours vary and the background pattern is not always the same which gives them an individual and original touch. They come in their own protective cellophane sleeve with an envelope, either white or coloured and left blank for your own message.

I am working on more designs at the moment, a three tier wedding cake in pink and white and a few other trifles are cluttering up my desk.

If you are interested you can find out more via the link below or contact me direct via email.