Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ho ho ho Christmas has come early and its all ED's fault!!

You know how it is, you think someone is sweet and kind and then blow me down with a feather you find that under that gentle demeanour is hiding a grim determination and you discover that the woman you knew as a charming English rose is in fact really a hard bitten bully after all !

For months Elizabeth D has been gently prodding me to do a "give away" ~on my blog , and I keep saying Ok yes of course, blah de blah and never getting around to it , Yesterday she gave me a prod with a sharp stick and reminded me , yet again in no uncertain terms, that I should get my finger out and do as I was told.

So, here I am doing as I was told to do . Asking a band of total strangers if they'd like a chance of a freebee something or other that I have made . Well would you ? It might be a ceramic heart or a Christmas decoration or card ( I know I know Christmas already but yes here in retail land Noel starts on 16th October and wow betide the artisan who has not got their stock sorted by then, sorry you din't think Santas helper did it all over night did you?!). It could be a tile or a tiny cat or goodness knows what I haven't got that far yet so its a bit of a pig in a poke but whatever it is it will be packaged up and posted with love from me to you.Apparently it works like this all one needs to do is leave a comment on this blog, and if you find your name picked at random to receive something from my box of creations. I am not sure what length of time these "give aways" run for ,being a novice at this, but how about I say the winner will be drawn at random on October 27th 2008 , midday French time and I am relying on ED to remind me of that too! Of course that gives me almost a month to make up a pleasant surprise little package that I think someone might like and to bite my finger nails to the bone whilst I wait anxiously to see if anyone wants to join in that's all! ALSO I AM TOLD THAT IF YOU PUT A LINK TO MY GLAZED EXPRESSION BLOG ON YOUR OWN BLOG YOU GET AN EXTRA CHANCE OF WINNING THE GIVE AWAY ( see what a learning experience this has been for me already and its only teatime!) If you want a taste of what I do go to my website http://unpeuloufoque.com/ to see more.
Honestly I do like ED, she is a really really lovely person and butter wouldn't melt in her mouth and she is as warm and generous as the sun but she can't half nag that one! (Is that Ok ED? Did I do it right?)

PS The Christmas card above is one of several I have been working on this summer..the angel is wooden and hangs on wire and can be detached from the card and used as an ornament afterwards. Below are two of a set of three ceramic American Patriotic Christmas cards , the third is a dove in the same design, for those in the USA I also do Union Jack ones too.., Nothing like making Christmas cards in August to get you in the holiday mode!