Saturday, October 23, 2010

Nativity time

It may seem early for Christmas without even having had halloween yet but making a nativity set takes time when each figure is hand built glazed and fired and you have 3 angels, 2 shepherd and a ram three kings and the holy family to do so I need to start early if I am to get it ready !!

Here is this years nativity a very jolly and bright and rather fun set and to give an idea of size the kings stand about 13 cm high . Each figure is majolica glazed and no character is the same .

For sale at £75 ( Plus postage)

I think that is jolly good value for something unique which a family can cherish for generations.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Button it up !

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Autumn is upon us and its time to get out those winter woolies to keep warm. I am a disaster when it comes to knitting but I do love the look of chunky jumpers to snuggle into on cold days and envy those who are wizards with knitting needles!

To make my shop bought jumpers stand out from the crowd I like to add something a bit different so I have made some big ceramic buttons to jazz up knit wear and add an individual touch. Here are just someof my designs all ready and packaged for a local shop.

Each button is handmade in Earthenware and glazed before being kiln fired. Buttons vary in size, the ones shown are about 2" wide and have 2 holes.

£10.00 for a set of 3 handmade buttons plus post and packing.