Friday, May 14, 2010

Retro fun !

When we were kids we lived a very Janet and John lifestyle, summer hols in the cottage in the country and home made ginger beer, with jolly memories of fun in the sun and innocent enjoyment with families and friends. There were a group of about 5 families all with kids about the same age and when we all got together we kids would disappear out into the wilds shrieking and building camps and the adults would sit together sharing jokes , cheap wine and putting the world to rights in good company.

Each year one of the families trotted off to France for the summer hols camping which in those days was very chic and daring and on for that they had a state of the art brand new and fresh from the production line, mint green VW camper complete with striped awning and a pop up roof. I remember when they first bought it and we crawled all over it, oohing and awing in awe it was so cool and so trendy and we had never ever seen anything like it before. I was as smitten as Mr Toad was with his gypsy caravan and I have been smitten with VW campers ever since.

Now it seems they are very much back in fashion with their retro design and 1960's style and I am still very much a fan so here is my small homage to that Westphalia wonder van

Two new VW Ceramic Tiles with an original hand painted design Available from my shop on Not on The High Street at £10 for the small tile and £15 for the larger one ( including postage and packing) they make great gift for a VW Fan anywhere! Oh and I am happy to customize the tiles with your own colour and number plate at no extra cost to you!