Monday, February 15, 2010

Dreaming of sunshine

What with christmas, lots of visitors and lots of snow the new year has so far been rather hectic but not very productive.

I decided it was about time I embraced spring ( well ever hopeful!) and got down to some work. Beautiful though the long hard winter has been I needed the promise of something warmer when the cattle are out in the fields again and the countryside comes to life once more . I have as my screen saver an endless array of phototgrpahs I have taken since we moved in here, images of the fields whch surround where we live and they always make me feel happy.

Here we have then inspired by daily walks in under a clear blue sky tiles of the cows and pigs that are part of farm life here in the wilds of Brittany. They are all majolica glazed and fired at high temperature on beautiful italian hand made terracotta bisque tiles and measure 20cm by 10 cm and are about 10mm thick, nice chunky tiles to frame or just prop up on the mantlepiece or of course include in your tiling scheme amongst other plains tiles.

All are available direct from un peu loufoque at at £15 each with free post and packing.

I hope you like them.


Friko said...

They are beautiful.

bayou said...

And again totally different from what I have seen so far from you! So lovely!

Elizabethd said...

Beautifully drawn.