Tuesday, August 12, 2008

On the tiles in Marrakesh

Carpets drying on the mosque roof top

Abandoned lamps on the road to Marrakesh

I started this long long ago on my return to France after our trip to Morocco but then the Computer God cursed my internet connection and it has sat here dormant and unloved whilst I gave up and sauntered off to play in Italy Greece and various ports in between.

Traditional carved plaster work

I went to Morocco hoping to be inspired by all the ceramics and tiles and wondering if they might in turn influence my own work. In the end, beauteous and abundant though the tiles were, it was the over all colour and designs that captured my imagination not only in the tiles but in every aspect of life there. Everything is so vivid and even the humblest pieces of furniture become a work of art form in themselves covered in traditional Berber designs.

I had planned to write about about how the Spanish and Moorish cultures had influenced ceramic design in Morocco and visa-versa, to recommend the best museums to visit to explore the decorative culture of the area to describe, as many have before, the infinite skill and patience of the craftsmen who spend their days engrossed in the making of the small tiles that when placed together form the Zillij designs which go back centuries and are still sought after the world over... how the skills and tools used have not changed for generations and so much more

In the end pictures speak louder than anything I can say so , instead, here are some photographs of some of the eye catching designs I fell in love with in Morocco. I hope they delight and inspire you too.

Traditional Berber designs on wooden ceilings

Carpets (below)


Elizabethd said...

What a feast for the eyes. Lovely photos.

Crystal Jigsaw said...

Absolutely stunning. Why did they abandon those lamps, they are so beautiful, what a shame. The architecture is breathtaking. Thanks for sharing.

CJ xx


Hello Un Peu - long time no see/read (I, too, have had Internet Monster attacking me relentlessly). Lovely to be back and especially to see your Morocco pix. I was in Morocco in October last year and still haven't written about it. Will get round to it eventually. Like you, I took hundreds of pix of all the marvellous tiles, paintwork and woodwork we saw. It is mind-blowing.

Italy and Greece sounds fab. Would love to hear more...

Ps, did you nick a lamp??

Preseli Mags said...

What incredible colours, patterns and textures. Beautiful.

lampworkbeader said...

So colourful, no wonder you've been inspired.

Sally's Chateau said...

Deeply delicious pics but then I'm goo goo eyed at anything other than French scenery as I can't get away :)

Pipany said...

Wow, you are quite the photographer m'dear. How on earth do you get them to be so clear? Oh hang on, don't tell me the murky Cornish light, all gloom and doom and misty is no good for photography!!!! xx

Frances said...

Thank you for these photos ... I wouldn't mind seeing a hundred more (maybe her on the hill will also contribute to my wish for more, more, more.)

I can understand why you've been inspired by the total influence of the place, all the layers of color, texture, mix of old and new, light, glorious jumble of it all.

Still determined to travel there, but think that it will be after the new year ... early spring.
That gives me more time to anticipate, and will let me have the upcoming autumn time off to just sort of recharge my batteries locally as our culture season kicks off.


Fennie said...

Wonderful photos. Love the colours and textures, the carpets that last for ever, the geometric designs.

Looking back over your blogs here I found the one about you collecting pottery shards. I don't do that but I know just what you mean about finding something and wondering about the people who had last used it.

Can you do anything with pottery shards? Is there a way of losing the rough edges, cutting them to shape? Or do you have to make new?

Pili pala said...

I love your photographs they are inspirational. I've never been to Morocco, the colours look beautiful.
I'll look forward to hearing about your Greek and Italian adventure..a tout x

CAMILLA said...

Wonderful photo's Un Peu, my HL knows a thing or two about carpets, was director of carpet company and was telling me about the gorgeous handmade ones that some person has painfully hand-stitched.

I would love to go to Italy or Greece, so much culture and wonderful architecture.


Carolien said...

Wow, what a lovely tiles etc. Thanks for sharing, it's a joy to see!

Greetings, Carolien